Tcode SAP Module MM

Master Data


Vendor Master

MK01 – Create Vendor Master

MK02 – Change Vendor Master

MK03 – Display Vendor Master

XK01 – Create Vendor Master

XK02 – Change Vendor Master

XK03 – Display Vendor Master

XK04 – Vendor Changes (Centrally)

XK05 – Block Vendor (Centrally)

XK06 – Mark vendor for deletion (centrally)

XK07 – Change vendor account group

MKVZ – List of Vendor

MKVG – Condition Groups

Info Record

ME11 – Create Info Record

ME12 – Change Info Record

ME13 – Display Info Record

ME14 – Display Changes for Purchasing Info Record

ME15 – Flag Purchasing Info Record for Deletion

ME1L – List Display Info Record By Vendor

ME1M – List Display Info Record By Material

ME1W – By Material Group

ME1P – Order Price History

ME1E – Quotation Price History


MEK1 – Create

MEK4 – Create with Reference

MEK2 – Change

MEK3 – Display

Vendor Evaluation

ME61 – Maintain

ME62 – Display

ME63 – Automatic New Evaluation

ME64 – Compare Evaluations

ME6A – Changes


ME6F – Print Evaluation Sheet

ME65 – Ranking Lists

ME6B – Evaluations per Material/Material Group

ME6H – Standard Analysis

Material Master

MM01 – Create Material

MM02 – Change Material

MM03 – Display Material

MM04 – Active Changes

MM06 – Flag for Deletion

MMAM – Change Material Type

MMSC – Enter Storage Locations

MM60 – List of Material Master


Purchase Requisition

ME51N – Create PR

ME52N – Change PR

ME53N – Display PR

ME54N – Approve/Release PR

ME55 – Collective Release PR

ME5A – List Display PR

ME5K – List Display PR by Account Assignment

ME56 – Assign

ME57 – Assign and Process

Request for Quotation

ME41 – Create Request for Quotation

ME42 – Change Request for Quotation

ME43 – Display Request for Quotation

ME47 – Maintain Quotation

ME48 – Diplay Quotation

ME49 – Price Comparison


ME9A – Print/Transmit

List Displays

ME4L – By Vendor

ME4M – By Material

ME4S – By Collective Number

ME4C – By Material Group

ME4B – By Tracking Number

ME4N – By RFQ Number

Outline Agreement


ME31K – Create

ME32K – Change

ME33K – Display

ME34K – Maintain Supplement


ME9K – Print/Transmit

List Displays

ME3L – By Vendor

ME3M – By Material

ME3C – By Material Group

Purchase Order

ME21N – Create PO

ME22N – Change PO

ME23N – Display PO

ME28 – Release PO Collective

ME29N – Individual Release

ME9F – Print/Transmit

ME2L – List Display PO by Vendor

ME2M – By Material

ME2K – By Account Assignment

ME2C – By Material Group

ME2B – By Tracking Number

ME2N – By PO Number

MELB – Transactions per Tracking Number

ME2W – By Supplying Plant

Inbound Delivery

VL31N – Create

VL32N – Change

VL33N – Display

VL06I – Inbound Delivery Monitor

Inventory Management

Material Reservation

MB21 – Create Material Reservation

MB22 – Change Material Reservation

MB23 – Display Material Reservation

MB25 – List of Material Reservation

Inventory Transaction

MIGO – Inventory Transaction

Goods Receipt

MB1C – Goods Receipt

MBST – Cancel Material Document

MB90 – Process output

Goods Issue

MB1A – Goods Issue

MBST – Cancel Material Document

MB90 – Process output

Outbound Delivery

VL10B – Purchase Orders

VL10D – Purchase Order Items

Transfer Posting

MB1B – Transfer Posting

MB1B – Cancel Transfer Posting

MF65 – Stock transfer for reservation

MBST – Cancel Material Document

MB90 – Process output

Material document

MB02 – Change material document

MB03 – Display material document

MBST – Cancel / reverse by material document

List Display

MB51 – Material Document List

MR51 – Accounting Document for Material

MBSM – Cancelled Material Documents

MBGR – Reason for Movement

MB5T – Stock in Transit

MD04 – Stock/Requirements List

MBBS – Valuated Special Stock


MMBE – Stock Overview

MD04 – Display Stock/Requirements Situation

MB53 – Plant Stock Availability

CO09 – Availability Overview

MB52 – Warehouse Stock

MB5B – Stocks for Posting Date

MBLB – Stock with Subcontractor

Logistics Invoice Verification

MIRO – Logistics Invoice Verification

MIR7 – Logistics Invoice Verification (Park)

MIR4 – Display Invoice Verification

MR8M – Cancel Invoice Verification

MRBR – Release Blocked Invoice

MIR6 – Invoice Overview

MR11 – Maintain GR/IR Clearing Account

MB5S – Display GR/IR Balance

MR11SHOW – Display/Cancel Account Maintenance Document

Physical Inventory

MI01 – Create Physical Inventory Document

MI02 – Change Physical Inventory Document

MI03 – Display Physical Inventory Document

MI11 – Recount Physical Inventory Document

MI21 – Print Physical Inventory Document


MI31 – Generate Physical Inventory w/o Special Stock

Inventory Count

MI04 – Enter Inventory Count with Document

MI05 – Change Inventory Count

MI06 – Display Inventory Count

MI09 – Enter Inventory Count w/o Document

Inventory Difference

MI07 – Process List of Differences

MI08 – Create List of Differences with Doc.

MI10 – Create List of Differences w/o Doc.

MI20 – Print List of Inventory Differences

MI24 – Physical Inventory List

MI12 – Display Changes

MIDO – Physical Inventory Overview

MI23 – Display Physical Inventory Data for Material

MI22 – Display Physical Inventory Documents for Material

Close Period

MMPV – Close Period

MMRV – Allow Posting to Previous Period

Change in Material Price

MR21 – Change Material Prices


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