Table SAP PM and CS

Function Table Description
Address Data ADCP Person/Address Assignment (Business Address Services)
Address Data ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)
Address Data ADRCT Address Texts (Business Address Services)
Address Data ADRG Assignment of Addresses to Other Address Groups (BAS)
Address Data ADRGP Assignment of Persons to Further Person Groups (BAS)
Address Data ADRP Persons (Business Address Services)
Address Data ADRT Communication Data Text (Business Address Services)
Address Data ADRV Communication Data Text (Business Address Services)
BOM EQST Equipment to BOM Link
BOM TPST Functional Location – BOM Link
BOM MAST Material to BOM Link
Classification AUSP Actual Characteristic Values
Classification CABN Characteristic
Classification CAWN Possible Characteristic Values
Classification CAWNT Characteristic Description
Classification INOB Link between internal number and object
Classification KLAH Class Header Data
Classification KSML Characteristics of a Class
Classification KSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class
Classification SWOR Class Description (keywords)
Common IHPA Plant Maintenance Partners
Common ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment
Common OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List
Functional Location IFLOT Functional Location Table
Functional Location IFLOTX Functional Location Short Texts
Functional Location IRLOT Reference Function Location Table
Functional Location IRLOTX Reference Functional Location Short Texts
Equipment EQKT Equipment Short Texts
Equipment EQUI Equipment Master Data
Equipment EQUZ Equipment Time Segment
Equipment CRFH CIM production resource/tool master data
Equipment CRVE_A Assign PRT to equipment
Equipment CRVE_B Assign equipment to PRT
Measuring Points IMPTT Measuring Point Table
Measuring Points IMRG Measurement Document
Work Centers CRHD Work Center Header
Work Centers CRID CIM Resource, Entities
Work Centers CRTX Work Center Descriptions
Work Centers CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
Task List EAPL (Equipment Only) Allocation of Task List to pieces of Equipment
Task List PLAS Task List – Selection of Operations / Activities
Task List PLKO Task List Header
Task List PLPO Task List – Operation / Activity
Task List TAPL (FLoc Only) Allocation of Task List to Functional Location
Maintenance Plan MPLA Maintenance Plan
Maintenance Plan MPOS Maintenance Item
Maintenance Plan PLWP Alloc of Maint. Packages to TaskList Operatoins
Maintenance Plan T351 Maintenance Strategy
Maintenance Plan T351P Maintenance Packages
Maintenance Plan T351T Maintenance Strategy Text
Maintenance Plan T351X Maintenance Packages Text
Maintenance Plan MHIO Call Object from Maintenance Order
Maintenance Plan MHIS Maintenance Plan History
Maintenance Plan MMPT Cycle Definitions and Measuring Point for MaintPlan
Maintenance Plan MMPX Maintenance Cycle Short Text
Notification QMEL Quality Notification
Notification QMFE Quality notification – items              
Notification QMIH Quality message – maintenance data excerpt
Notification QMMA Quality notification – activities         
Notification QMSM Quality notification – tasks              
Notification QMUR Quality notification – causes             
Work Order AFFH PRT Assignment data for the work order
Work Order AFFL Work Order Sequence
Work Order AFIH Maintenance Order Header
Work Order AFKO Order Header data
Work Order AFPO Order Item
Work Order AFRU Order Completion confirmations
Work Order AFVC Operation within an order
Work Order AFVU DB Str of the user fields in the work order
Work Order AFVV Operation Duration Quantity/Dates/Values
Work Order AUFK Order master data
Work Order AUFM Goods Movements for Order
Work Order COBRA Settlement Rule for Order Settlement
Work Order COBRB Distribution Rules for Settlement Rule (order)
Work Order HIKO Order Master data history
Work Order HIMA PM Order History – Materials
Work Order HIVG PM Order History – Operations
Status JCDS Change Documents for System/User Statuses
Status JEST Object status
Status JSTO Status object information
Status TJ02T Texts for system status
Status TJ30T Texts for user status
Quality QALS Inspection lot record
Quality QAVE Inspection processing: Usage decision
Quality QAMR Characteristic results during inspection processing
Quality QAPO Inspection operation records
Quality QAMV Characteristic specifications for inspection processing
Maintenance Plan VIMHIO Maintenance items – scheduling records 
Maintenance Plan VIMPLA Maintenance Plans – Maintenance Items
Maintenance Plan VIMPOS Maintenance Items – Location Data
Maintenance Plan VIMHIS Maintenance Plans – Scheduling Data

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